Revision Joint Replacement

Hip and Knee Joint Replacement surgery is very successful, however, complications do arise and these artificial parts can wear. Revision Joint Replacement may be indicated in cases where the prosthesis has loosened, the joint has become unstable or infected, the bearing surfaces have worn, or a patient has sustained new trauma or fracture. Revision often involves exchange of current components. These procedures can be quite involved and require experience in dealing with the complex issues that arise during surgery.

There have been significant advances in revision total hip and knee technology over the last few years. Revision Specialists can utilize this technology to treat complex issues related to failed hip or knee replacements much more successfully than was possible in the past.

Because Hip and Knee Joint Replacements are prosthetic joints, they can wear out with time. For this reason it is very important to see your surgeon every 1 to 2 years after replacement surgery for examination and radiographs.

What to Bring to Your Consultation With Our Experts

The diagnosis of painful and failed components can be difficult. In addition, subtle findings in your history can make a large difference in understanding the best way to make future progress. To help us give you the best possible advice, please bring with us as much information as possible from your past procedures and work-up:

  • Prior Operative Reports
  • Old X-rays
  • Any MRI, CT scan, or bone scans
  • Results from any lab work ordered to evaluate the joint

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